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Traditional aikido dojo in Montreal

 An Intelligent Martial Art

Aikido is a practical philosophy which develops both a theory of knowledge and a natural philosophy

Efficent and complete

It includes bare-hands techniques, practice with wooden weapons as well as respiratory (tai chi) and relaxation techniques (shiatsu). It is therefore a complete mind-body training, way more interesting than many martial arts.

Practice without danger

Risk of injuries in Aikido is lower than in many other sports (Karate, Judo, boxing, mixed martial arts mma) While remaining very effective in real-life situations.

A martial art for everyone

Practionners of all ages, men and women and from diverses professions (teachers, architects, doctors, students and unemployed) practice in a convival atmosphere, according to their own physical limits.

An International School of Aikido

We hold international seminars every years, that attacts many practitionners from other countries.


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